IT learning BUNDLE 3 free courses limited time offer

IT learning BUNDLE 3 free courses limited time offer
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Hello future colleagues,
We all know that beginnings are difficult, but remember that everything becomes easier when we work together.
In order to help those pursuing an IT career path, we are offering 3 free courses.
Stay focused and don’t forget that knowledge is power!

Without any more words here are the courses:

Enjoy free courses:

Display, position, and move filled shapes for retro and prototype gameplay
  • Move a ball around your game space such that it bounces off boundaries
  • Handle real-time mouse input
  • Detect and respond to simple collisions
  • Program very basic artificial intelligence
  • Keep and display score during play
  • Understand the subtle, key difference between a classic game in this style which is fun to play versus one that isn’t
  • Define and code a win condition and end state for your game

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A Quick Guide to Learn Animation in HTML
  • Use HTML5 to build Apps
  • Use JavaScript in Web Apps
  • Use Quicksand animation in projects
  • Learn the use of Lightbox

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HTML5 and CSS3 Fundamentals

HTML5 and CSS3 Fundamentals
Build your very own website with HTML5 from scratch using HTML5 and CSS3 – designed for complete beginners
  • Know how to use Html tags and build with the most common ones.
  • Learn the use of attributes and common settings.
  • Create CSS stylesheets that control your site design and set them up on your project site.
  • Understand how the elements go together to build each part of the site
  • Finish a complete typical website as part of your lessons.

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