Make money now using Phoneum cryptocurrency – earn over 100$ passive income per month full tutorial

Make money now using Phoneum cryptocurrency - Full tutorial
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What is Phoneum?

Phoneum ICO is distributed encryption, which runs on mobile devices only through an application, authorized by custom blockchain technology. Phoneum provides the ability to understand and participate in the revolutionary revolution of cryptography to regular smart mobile device users.

How you can make money using Phoneum

Cloud Earning PHT

The original Phoneum Miner has evolved into Cloud Earning PHT, handling everything in the cloud. Once Earning is established, the app does not require the device to keep it open or running in the background to earn Phoneum Token.
At any time, open Cloud Earning PHT to access the average Earning statistics and track the Earning progress.
To avoid interruption, a notification is sent after 7 days, to claim your PHT and to start a new earning session.

How to download the app, register and get 200 free coins!

Download: Go to Google Play and download the Cloud Earning PHT APP or just click here.

Click on the Sign up button and use this PROMO CODE: evmw9q9x and get 200 PHT Bonus.

PROMO CODE: evmw9q9x and get 200 PHT Bonus.

How to withdraw PHONEUM into money

To withdraw PHONEUM into money or other cryptocurrencies you will need an account on PROBIT and from that platform, you can easily withdraw or exchange coins.
CLICK HERE to register to PROBIT.

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