StormGain Miner Review – Is It Legit or Scam? Can you earn free Bitcoin BTC mining in the cloud?

StormGain Miner Review - Is It Legit or Scam? Can you earn free Bitcoin BTC mining in the cloud?
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StormGain Review

StormGain is a cryptocurrency exchange and leveraged trading broker, with a built-in multi-currency wallet. The all-in-one platform offers some unique features, including its Cloud Miner tool, loyalty programme, and hassle-free login process. Read our review to find out if StormGain is a legit and safe platform.

StormGain Company Details

StormGain was founded in 2019 and is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The company is not yet regulated but has gained serious momentum since its inception, with its services now reaching over 120,000 clients in more than 100 countries.

The company is well known as the Newcastle United Football Club (NUFC) sponsor during the 2019-2020 season. StormGain has also featured in several online media publications for its innovative trading service.

How Does StormGain Miner Work?

StormGain Review

StormGain offers this miner app as a free tool for the users that register on their platform. You can mine your crypto by simply installing the app and clicking on the run the miner button. So there is no worrying about your devices’ electricity bills, cooling, maintenance, and battery life. Unlike other miners, StormGain’s cloud mining is free, making it ideal for beginners.

How Does StormGain Miner Work

StormGain Miner - so it is legit, can you withdraw money from StormGain Miner?

My experience:

After I used miner for two weeks I was able to get the minimum withdrawal USDT amount which is 10 USDT.

StormGain Miner amount

The withdrawal time they said it is between 5 minutes to 2 hours for funds to be credited to my account, in my case it took one second.

StormGain Miner withdrawal time

Now that 10 USDT are in my StormGain account wallet, can I withdraw to an external wallet?

The direct answer it is: I don't know at this moment

StormGain Review

When I tried to withdraw funds to an external wallet they ask me to enable MFA, and after that, the withdrawal menu has popped up, and there it was a small text colored in red where it says: ” Minimum payment amount is 35 USDT “. At this step, I stop using the miner and I open a ticket in order to get more information, I spoke with support via Skype and Email and they said via Skype: “the only way you can make money with Stormgain is through Affiliate program”.

StormGain Miner minimum payment

StormGain Miner Refer a friend - do you get the bonus?

In StormGain Miner menu you have the option to “Refer a friend”, at this offer, your friend gets 3 USDT and I should get 17% of friend mined found they withdraw.

StormGain Miner Refer a friend

After the first installation of the StormGain app, I refer my best friend who GOT that 3 USDT, so he had to mine only 7 USDT in order to withdraw funds, he finish USDT mining in a week, and after he withdrew that 10 USDT I should get the bonus ( 17% ). Guess what? I don’t get anything.
Again I opened a ticket to StormGain and on email, I am waiting for 7 days now without any answer, on Skype they said again “the only way you can make money with Stormgain is through the Affiliate program”.

Can I recommend this app to a friend? The answer based on my experience is NO.

So what is the catch?

Why would Stormgain let you earn bitcoins by using their resources without paying for anything?

Well, it is an incentive for users to register and trade on their platform as that is the main. To mine on the StormGain platform, you need to have a high trading volume. The more crypto you trade on the exchange, the higher your chances of earning free Bitcoin through the cloud miner. If you use the StormGain application often, you also stand a high probability of mining free crypto. So, it is kind of an acquisition avenue for StormGain as their power-users can get some of the paid fees back through this miner app.

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