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Google has announced a new Bug Bounties platform and community designed to host all its Vulnerability Rewards Programs (VRP) under the same roof. Since launching

General Information WDE Software (WhatsDumpExtractor) is a set of software modules written in Python, linked to each other to extract the encrypted database WhatsApp from

In February 2021, Keeper surveyed 1,000 employees in the U.S. about their work-related password habits — and discovered that a lot of remote workers are

Microsoft on Tuesday disclosed that the latest string of attacks targeting SolarWinds Serv-U managed file transfer service with a now-patched remote code execution (RCE) exploit

NSA warns that the Russian hackers are using a VMWare bug to plant web shells inside hacked networks and pivot to Microsoft ADFS servers from

The ” Hack Tutorial ” series will contain multiple free courses, materials, and more in order to develop your hacking skills. We all know that

threat map
Do you know that over 8.000.000 attacks are happening right now?
So how do you protect against Cyber Attacks?

HERE you can see a live map of Cyber Attacks that are happening right now when you are reading this paragraph!

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Hack Tutorial #5: Free Cyber Security Basics Course
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